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Join the Professional Executive Secretarial & Administration Skills Workshop

Join us for a transformative 4-day workshop led by industry veteran and corporate administrator extraordinaire, Nermine Kharboutly.

TIME: 1pm to 4pm

DATE: 19th - 22nd November 2023 (4 Days)
VENUE: The Dusit Doha Hotel (West Bay), Doha - Qatar
COST: QAR 2,500 Per Person


About the Workshop

Over time, the secretary's role has transformed from supporting high-ranking officials to becoming integral to an organization's strategic goals. This workshop is designed to empower experienced PAs, Office Administrators, Secretaries, and HR Administrators. We aim to broaden your roles, develop skills, and enable you to take on more management-oriented responsibilities, becoming proactive, resourceful, and focused professionals.


Why join the program

Highlights & Key Takeaways

TIME: 1pm to 4pm

DATE: 19th - 22nd November 2023 (4 Days)
VENUE: The Dusit Doha Hotel (West Bay), Doha - Qatar
COST: QAR 2,500 Per Person

  • Day 1 - Understanding the Unique Challenges
    On the first day, we will delve into the distinct challenges that Secretaries and Administrative Professionals face in their roles. Nermine Kharboutly will draw upon her extensive experience to provide valuable insights and anecdotes that shed light on the complexities of the role. Key Takeaways Identify and understand the specific challenges that Secretaries and Administrative Professionals encounter.
  • Day 2 - Strategies for Success
    Building on the foundation laid on the first day, Day 2 will focus on what it takes to be successful in your role. Nermine will share practical strategies and techniques for achieving excellence in your administrative responsibilities. Key Takeaways Learn proven strategies for time management, organization, and multitasking. Develop effective communication skills to interact confidently with executives and colleagues.
  • Day 3 - Navigating Day-to-Day Challenges
    In any administrative role, daily challenges are a norm. Day 3 will equip you with the tools and techniques needed to tackle these challenges head-on. Nermine will guide you through scenarios and case studies to ensure you are well-prepared for the demands of your job. Key Takeaways Master problem-solving skills to handle unexpected situations with ease. Explore stress management and self-care strategies to maintain peak performance.
  • Day 4 - Building Your Career
    The final day of the workshop is dedicated to your career development. Nermine will share her insights on how to progress in your administrative career, whether you aspire to climb the corporate ladder or pursue new opportunities. Key Takeaways Create a personalized career development plan. Understand the evolving role of Administrative Professionals in the modern workplace.
  • Throughout the Workshop
    Engage in interactive discussions, group exercises, and role-play scenarios. Network with peers and industry professionals, fostering valuable connections. Receive a certificate of completion to showcase your commitment to professional growth.

Workshop Objectives

  • Achieve proficiency in overcoming common role challenges.

  • Enhance comprehension of organizational dynamics

  • Master task prioritization

  • Multitasking refine communication skills for navigating complex interpersonal relationships

  • Acquire expertise in recognizing and addressing harassment, bullying, and inappropriate behaviors

  • Cultivate a keen awareness of work-life balance

  • Stress management

  • Develop a strategic understanding of when and how to seek external assistance


About the Trainer

Are you looking to enhance your corporate office skills, boost your confidence, and achieve your career goals in the Middle East and Asia? Look no further – Nermine Kharboutly is here to guide you on your journey to success.

Passion and Expertise

Nermine Kharboutly is a highly sought-after Corporate Office Administrator with decades of experience in secretarial, administrative, and management roles across various industries in multinational organizations. Her expertise spans the Middle East and Africa regions, making her a valuable resource for anyone looking to excel in the corporate world.

A Mentor and Coach

Beyond her professional achievements, Nermine is deeply passionate about mentoring and coaching. She is dedicated to helping individuals in the Middle East and Asia realize their career aspirations. Nermine focuses on building confidence, effective communication, performance management, and adapting to change, all crucial skills in today's dynamic workplace.

Balanced Facilitator

Nermine is known for her grounded and balanced approach to facilitation. She combines intellectual integrity with common sense, creating a learning environment that is both informative and enjoyable. Her relaxed facilitating style and a delightful sense of humor make her training sessions engaging and memorable.

Educational Background

Nermine Kharboutly brings a wealth of knowledge to her training sessions. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and a Diploma in Non-Profit Management from the Lebanese American University in Beirut. Additionally, she possesses a Bachelor's degree in Law from the Lebanese University. Her educational background reflects her commitment to excellence and continuous learning.

Experience Matters

With an extensive career as an Executive Assistant, Nermine has honed her skills and expertise in various reputable organizations, including:

A large travel group in the Middle East, Abbott Healthcare, Growth Holdings, Qatar Television, Lebanese American University

Whether you are an aspiring secretary, a seasoned professional, or a corporate team seeking to enhance your skills, this program is crafted to empower you with the knowledge and confidence you need to excel in the corporate world.

Join Now!

Professional Executive Secretarial & Administration Skills Program

TIME: 1pm to 4pm

DATE: 19th - 22nd November 2023 (4 Days)
VENUE: The Dusit Doha Hotel (West Bay), Doha - Qatar
COST: QAR 2,500 Per Person

Great! We have received your information. Look forward to a mail from us for more details on the training.


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