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Inspiring the way we learn, adapt and leverage our knowledge & skills

To make learning relevant &
impactful, people need to createtheir own knowledge & have memorable experiences.

Therefore, we help create learning journeys that stick and help organizations drive success through their people.

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Since 2017


Participants have 
been trained


Trainings delivered


Trainers from various countries


Organisations have chosen our trainings


Customised trainings


Trainers from the Middle East


Public Trainings

Our public workshops have been carefully chosen, developed & customized in order to address the various challenges faced by and industry or profession. 
They have been designed to enhance the training experience through interactive activities focused on sharing best practices and peer learning.

All public workshops are facilitated by very experienced subject-matter experts and provide a strong opportunity for development or vetting towards certification and organization-wide rollout strategies.

Customised Trainings

Our custom programs help clients create better and more productive workplaces by empowering employees to tackle complex workplace issues and resolve difficult situations effectively, by bringing together groups of your employees for a very specific & focussed tailored learning experience.

Team Building

Coaching & Mentoring 


Sales Academy

Your sales results are only as good as your sales team

Our success is a direct result of combining hand-chosen sales & marketing experts from varied experiences and diverse backgrounds with strong values and a clear mission to succeed. This value based partnership is what creates success for our clients, both locally and regionally.

Sales Consulting

Sales Coaching & Mentoring

Sales Workshops

Sales On -

The -Job Interventions


Training Verticals

We have a wide array of Trainers with knowledge and experience in their respective fields. Our trainers come from 
different parts of the world dealing with a wide array of verticals. 


• Banking & Finance
• Construction & Engineering
• Contracts, Procurement & Supply Chain
• Document Management & Control
• Facilities Management
• Health & Safety
• Law & Regulations
• Oil, Gas & Manufacturing
• QA/ QC
• Security



• Administration & Office Management
• Communication & Presentation
• HR, L&D
• Leadership & Management
• Mental Health & Wellbeing
• Retail
• Sales, Marketing & Customer Service
• Schools & Educational Institutions
• Team Building

Recent Training Programs

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