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Customised Trainings

Customised Trainings

Our custom programs help clients create better and more productive workplaces by empowering employees to tackle complex workplace issues and resolve difficult situations effectively. By bringing together groups of

your employees for a specifically tailored learning experience, you can.

Critically analyse the areas for improvement

Enhance the overall positive engagement with the employees

Achieve new levels of alignment and cooperation, 

And finally, increase the reputation, sustainability & profitability for your organization

Set the stage for improving performance across departments, 


Team Building

“The challenge for every organisation is to build a feeling of oneness, of interdependence on one another ... because the question is usually not how well each person works, but how well they work together.” Vince Lombardi.

At Serendib, we believe that organizations are at their best when their people are at their best.  Whether it’s an office, factory or school, teams have become the way we organise work. Any time, a group of people come together to work on a common task, whether it’s an intact work team or an occasional committee, team-working skills are vital.

Over the years, companies have employed a variety of organizational models and corporate structures to bring their people together, thereby enhancing efficiency and productivity, and gain an advantage on the competition. 

However, even with good talented people on a team, teams need time to “gel”.  When workforce teams don’t gel or bond, costly issues and turn-over can occur. 

Why is that? As many leaders find out the hard way, you can't just snap your fingers to forge a true team – it takes constant effort. 

We have observed that high-performance teamwork is not based on luck, but rather on mutual goals, commitment, proven practices and accountability. That’s where teambuilding comes in. However, we also strongly believe that each team is unique and its critical that we choose the right team-building focus and set of activities to bring them together.

Therefore, our team building workshops are always customized based on the specific needs or desired areas for improvement, such as:

Have there been any issues or problems recently bringing these needs to your attention?

What behaviors or practices would you like to see more of that you are not observing currently?

What is the current level of trust between staff/team members?

Coaching & Mentoring 

We aspire to empower and support those who wish to step up and make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of the people around them. We want to encourage talent, creativity, entrepreneurship, leadership, community building, and service.

By coaching and mentoring your staff, you can get the most from your people, making them more valuable to your business by developing and enhancing their skills and abilities, both in the present and for the future. This could either be during a probation period, or continuing throughout the course of their employment, for example, to help employees work towards a promotion.


Through appropriate support and training, employees will be able to perform to the best of their ability, and as self-sufficiently as possible, utilising your human resources to their fullest. By asking your staff to commit to learning new skills, this will help them to recognise that they can increase their value to you as their employer, creating a strong and competitive workplace culture, and reinforcing high levels of performance through employee accountability.

Further, by focusing on individual growth, and by showing that you care about the progress of your employees, this can help you to build constructive and supportive working relationships, leading to greater employee engagement, high levels of commitment and higher rates of staff retention.

Using Coaching & Mentoring To Achieve Your Human Capital Objectives:

Optimise Performance

Optimising performance is not just about providing your employee with the necessary skills to succeed in their existing job roles, but to give them sufficient incentives to work hard for their own future, and the future of your business.

Our business coaches can help improve performance that impacts the employee’s present job, whilst the mentor can help develop skills that are not just relevant for the mentees currently, but also in the near future.

By combining these two support methods, your workforce will almost certainly reap dividends in the form of skilled, well-motivated and high-performing employees.

Succession Planning

Our coaching and mentoring approaches will successfully incorporate company, team and individual goals to meet the objectives of each. Our Coaching will help to train employees in their existing roles, whilst long-term support through mentoring will help to guide an employee on the right career path for future promotions & achievements.

The ability to observe an employees’ professional growth over a period of time through a well-established mentoring programme can help you to make crucial succession decisions, such as aligning the career path of an individual with the strongest skills for your business and developing leaders for future growth.

In this way, you can identify and develop experienced and capable employees to assume the necessary roles as and when they become available.

Leadership development

If you have confident, motivated and engaged employees, they will help to steer your organisation to the next level. Through a combination of training and support, over the course of an employee’s career, you can inspire those with the potential for leadership roles to progress through the ranks and acquire the necessary skills needed for leadership development.

By investing in the personal and professional growth of your staff, you can create a positive and progressive working environment, from which you can pick suitably qualified, sincere and ambitious employees, thereby, producing the next generation of leaders.

With the right guidance, you will most certainly be able to develop a loyal and committed workforce, wherein, employees are keen to work hard, and are confident in the knowledge that there will be progression opportunities for them within the business.


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